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Complete encasement of the radial nerve by a giant lipoma: illustrative case

Eugene S Bah, Damiano G Barone, and Robert J Spinner

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The paraneurium and the tumefactive appearance of peripheral nerve neurolymphomatosis: illustrative case

Damiano G Barone, Ryan W Kendziora, Stephen M Broski, David J Schembri Wismayer, and Robert J Spinner

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Phantom limb pain, traumatic neuroma, or nerve sheath tumor? Illustrative case

Patrick J Halloran, E. Antonio Chiocca, and Andres Santos

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Extracranial arteriovenous malformation mimicking a peripheral nerve tumor: illustrative case

Rahul Rodrigues, M. Harrison Snyder, Wilson Chavez, Knarik Arkun, Ozden Bulut, and Julian Wu

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Atypical cervical radiculopathy presenting with brachioradial pruritus: illustrative cases

Kareem Khalifeh, Janneinne Le, Basel Musmar, Joseph Maroon, Adam S Kanter, and Burak Ozgur

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Minimally invasive resection of a prominent transverse process in neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome: new application for a primarily spinal approach. Illustrative case

Marc Hohenhaus, Johann Lambeck, Nico Kremers, Jürgen Beck, Christoph Scholz, and Ulrich Hubbe

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Adult neuromuscular choristoma, a rare peripheral nerve pathology: illustrative case

Ashley Ricciardelli, Alex Flores, Hsiang-Chih Lu, Ekin Guney, Arie Perry, and Joey Grochmal

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Exuberant circumferential fibroproliferative neuromas in lipomatosis of nerve: a unifying theory. Illustrative case

Andres A Maldonado, Mark A Mahan, Jodi M Carter, Kimberly K Amrami, Tomas Marek, and Robert J Spinner

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Unrecognized sciatic lipomatosis of the nerve diagnosed by telehealth: illustrative case

Tomas Marek, Noah D Spinner, and Robert J Spinner

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“Winged” Eagle’s syndrome: neurophysiological findings in a rare cause of spinal accessory nerve palsy. Illustrative cases

Eric C Mitchell, Kitty Y Wu, Fawaz Siddiqi, John Yoo, Pavlo Ohorodnyk, Douglas Ross, and Thomas A Miller