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Multiple three-column osteotomies successfully correcting cervicothoracic kyphosis in the setting of ankylosing spondylitis: illustrative case

Luke Mugge, Paul Gorka, Cristie Brewer, and Brian McHugh

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Multidisciplinary management of thoracic esophageal fistula secondary to traumatic upper thoracic fracture (T3–4) with associated discitis/osteomyelitis and spinal epidural abscess: illustrative case

Peter Schaible, Paul Gordon, Ramasamy Kalimuthu, Ellen Omi, and Keith Schaible

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Thoracic pediculectomy for acute spinal cord decompression in high-risk spinal deformity correction: illustrative case

J. Manuel Sarmiento, Christina Rymond, Alondra Concepcion-Gonzalez, Chris Mikhail, Fthimnir M Hassan, and Lawrence G Lenke

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Intravascular ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis and revision of an intra-aortic pedicle screw: illustrative case

Landon D. Ehlers, Patrick J. Opperman, Jack E. Mordeson, Jonathan R. Thompson, and Daniel L. Surdell

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Delayed open treatment of aortic penetration by a thoracic pedicle screw: illustrative case

Hannah A. Levy, Zachariah W. Pinter, Sandra L. Hobson, and Michael J. Yaszemski