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Epidural lipomatosis with foci of hemorrhage and acute compression of the spinal cord in a child with CLOVES syndrome: illustrative case

Dmytro Ishchenko, Iryna Benzar, and Andrii Holoborodko

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An interdural spinal cyst in the cervicothoracic spine: a review and proposal for a revised classification of spinal meningeal cysts. Illustrative case

Toshinari Kawasaki, Motohiro Takayama, Yoshinori Maki, Kota Nakajima, Yoshihiko Ioroi, and Tamaki Kobayashi

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Adult-onset presentation of cervicothoracic split cord malformation: illustrative case

Huei Ti Soh

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Surgical repair of a large intrathoracic meningocele associated with neurofibromatosis type 1 after failed cystoperitoneal shunts: illustrative case

Christopher H. F. Sum, Lai-Fung Li, Benedict B. T. Taw, Wai-Man Lui, Ko-Yung Sit, Velda L. Y. Chow, and Yat-Wa Wong