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Single-level ossified ligamentum flavum causing a holocord syrinx: illustrative case

Prashant Punia, Ashish Chugh, Sarang Gotecha, and Apurva Lachake

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Intravascular ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis and revision of an intra-aortic pedicle screw: illustrative case

Landon D. Ehlers, Patrick J. Opperman, Jack E. Mordeson, Jonathan R. Thompson, and Daniel L. Surdell

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Spinal dural arteriovenous fistula masquerading as a herniated disc: illustrative case

Moustafa A. Mansour, Dyana F. Khalil, Soliman El-Sokkary, Mostafa A. Mostafa, and Ahmad A. Ayad

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Image-guided transthoracic transpedicular microdiscectomy for a giant thoracic disc herniation: patient series

Ethan J. Kilmister, Nicola Guy, Agadha Wickremesekera, and Helge Koeck