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Splenic rupture following prone lateral discectomy and arthrodesis: illustrative case

Alexandra Echevarria, Benjamin Hershfeld, Emily Arciero, and Rohit Verma

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Incidental durotomy resulting in a postoperative lumbosacral nerve root with eventration into the adjacent facet joint: illustrative cases

Michael J Kelly, Franziska C. S Altorfer, Marco D Burkhard, Russel C Huang, Frank P Cammisa Jr., and J. Levi Chazen

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Misplaced intraspinal venous stent causing cauda equina syndrome: illustrative case

Vaibhavi Shah, Thomas Johnstone, Ghani Haider, Neelan J Marianayagam, Martin N Stienen, Venita Chandra, and Anand Veeravagu

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Surgical outcome of a patient with Bertolotti’s syndrome in whom the established Castellvi classification system failed: illustrative case

Richard J. Chung, Camryn Harvie, John O’Donnell, Sarah Jenkins, and Arthur L. Jenkins III