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L5 nerve root injury caused by anterolateral malpositioning of loosened S1 pedicle screws: illustrative cases

Shota Tamagawa, Takatoshi Okuda, Hidetoshi Nojiri, Rei Momomura, and Muneaki Ishijima

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Short lever arm, bipedicular handlebar construct for correction of acute angular kyphosis in spondylodiscitis-induced kyphotic deformity: illustrative case

Meng Huang, Iahn Cajigas, and Steven Vanni

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Spinal arthrodesis via lumbar interbody fusion without direct decompression as a treatment for recurrent radicular pain due to epidural fibrosis: patient series

Kevin Swong, Michael J. Strong, Jay K. Nathan, Timothy J. Yee, Brandon W. Smith, Paul Park, and Mark E. Oppenlander

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Lumbar facet cyst tuberculosis: a rare cause of cauda equina compression. Illustrative case

Karlo M. Pedro, John Emmanuel R. Torio, Jonathan P. Rivera, and Ibet Marie Y. Sih

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Multifocal primary central nervous system Ewing sarcoma presenting with intracranial hemorrhage and leptomeningeal dissemination: illustrative case

Anna L. Huguenard, Yuping Derek Li, Nima Sharifai, Stephanie M. Perkins, Sonika Dahiya, and Michael R. Chicoine

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A minimally invasive lateral approach with CT navigation for open biopsy and diagnosis of Nocardia nova L4–5 discitis osteomyelitis: illustrative case

Bryan Zheng, Hael Abdulrazeq, Owen P. Leary, Ziya L. Gokaslan, Adetokunbo A. Oyelese, Jared S. Fridley, and Joaquin Q. Camara-Quintana

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An unusual case of a persistent, infected retroperitoneal fluid collection 5 years after anterior lumbar fusion surgery: illustrative case

Matthew T. Neal, Kara L. Curley, Alexandra E. Richards, Maziyar A. Kalani, Mark K. Lyons, and Victor J. Davila