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Symptomatic spinal arachnoid cyst with spastic diplegia secondary to cerebral palsy: illustrative case

Andrew Guillotte, Abdul-Rahman Alkiswani, Kathryn A Keeler, and Michael D Partington

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Early outcomes in hybrid fixation for idiopathic scoliosis: posterior fusion combined with anterior vertebral body tethering. Patient series

Daniel Cherian, Amer F Samdani, Alexander J Schüpper, Alan A Stein, Zan Naseer, Joshua M Pahys, Emily Nice, and Steven W Hwang

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Three-stage correction of severe idiopathic scoliosis with limited skeletal traction during a humanitarian surgical mission: illustrative case

J. Manuel Sarmiento, Jordan Fakhoury, Angadh Singh, Cameron Hawk, Khalid Sethi, and Ravi Bains

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Thoracic pediculectomy for acute spinal cord decompression in high-risk spinal deformity correction: illustrative case

J. Manuel Sarmiento, Christina Rymond, Alondra Concepcion-Gonzalez, Chris Mikhail, Fthimnir M Hassan, and Lawrence G Lenke

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Pediatric intraspinal arachnoid cyst: successful endoscopic fenestration. Illustrative case

Victoria Jane Horak, Med Jimson D. Jimenez, Melissa A. LoPresti, and Jeffrey S. Raskin

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Direct withdrawal of a retained foreign body bisecting the thoracic spinal canal in a neurologically intact pediatric patient: illustrative case

David R. Peters, Trent VanHorn, Brandon Karimian, Benjamin Pruden, Scott D. Wait, Roy T. Daniel, and Constantin Tuleasca

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Management of perinatal cervical spine injury using custom-fabricated external orthoses: design considerations, narrative literature review, and experience from the Hospital for Sick Children. Illustrative cases

Vishwathsen Karthikeyan, Sara C. Breitbart, Armaan K. Malhotra, Andrea Fung, Erin Short, Ann Schmitz, David E. Lebel, and George M. Ibrahim

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Spinal epidural lipomatosis in a pediatric patient with a malignant brain tumor: illustrative case

Reed Berlet, Daphne Li, and John Ruge

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Pineal parenchymal tumor of intermediate differentiation with late spinal dissemination 13 years after initial surgery: illustrative case

Hiroyuki Kato, Takafumi Tanei, Yusuke Nishimura, Yoshitaka Nagashima, Motonori Ishii, Tomoya Nishii, Nobuhisa Fukaya, Takashi Abe, and Ryuta Saito

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Co-occurrence of subcutaneous myxopapillary ependymoma, dermal sinus tract, and filum terminale lipoma: a review of the pathobiology of caudal spinal cord development and spinal cord tethering. Illustrative case

Gabrielle W. Johnson, Yuxiao Xu, Ali Y. Mian, and David D. Limbrick Jr