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Mauricio Collada Jr., Joseph Kott and David G. Kline

✓ Documentation by metrizamide ventriculography with computerized tomography (CT) of fourth ventricle entrapment is presented. Reevaluation of the cerebrospinal fluid pathways is suggested whenever fourth ventricle enlargment is seen on CT scans of patients with ventriculoperitoneal shunts for communicating hydrocephalus.

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David G. Kline, Joseph Kott, George Barnes and Lester Bryant

✓ The application of an old surgical technique, previously employed for treatment of thoracic outlet syndromes, to lesions of the brachial plexus is discussed. Positioning of the patient, the surgical procedure, and selected indications for a posterior subscapular approach with resection of the first rib are discussed. The indications for the use of this approach are: proximal plexus lesions involving roots and/or trunks believed to be repairable, complicated thoracic outlet syndromes, prior anterior exploration for vascular or nervous structure disease, and progressive plexus palsy associated with damage to the soft tissue of the anterior chest wall and supraclavicular regions secondary to irradiation. The authors' experience to date with 12 such cases is presented in chart form, while five cases are presented in some detail.