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Neglected cervical meningocele in an adult: illustrative case

Abolfazl Rahimizadeh, Seyed Ali Ahmadi, Ali Mohammadi Moghadam, Shaghayegh Rahimizadeh, Walter Williamson, Mahan Amirzadeh, and Sam Hajaliloo Sami


Posterior cervical meningoceles are rare in adults because most are surgically excised early in life. Such meningoceles in adults are mostly presented as a cystic mass and their presentation as a solid mass is very rare.


An asymptomatic adult with cervical meningocele presented as a congenital midline skin covered solid mass in the posterior aspect of the neck is presented. Neuroradiological surveys showed attachment of the mass to intradural spinal cord. With diagnosis of a cervical meningocele, after excision of the solid sac, the stalk extending from the core of the mass to the dura was isolated. This was followed by intradural spinal cord detethering. The mass was compatible with rudimentary meningocele in pathology.


Neglected cervical meningocele is quite rare in adults. Surgical removal of the mass in adults is usually for cosmetic reasons rather than neurological impairment. However, surgical removal of the mass without intradural cord detethering is not sufficient. In such cases, late onset quadriparesis may be appear due to the spinal cord tethering scenario.