William Edward Gallie (1882–1959): father of the Gallie wiring technique for atlantoaxial arthrodesis

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William Edward Gallie (1882–1959) was a Canadian general surgeon with special expertise in orthopedic surgery. His experience with surgical management of cervical spine subluxation led him to invent a method of cervical wiring of the atlas to the axis. His method of C1–2 wiring has since been modified, but it still remains one of the three most commonly taught wiring techniques in neurosurgical training programs. Gallie is also hailed for instituting the first surgical training program in Canada, a curriculum his pupils memorialized as the “Gallie course” in surgery. In this historical vignette, the authors describe Gallie’s life and depict his contributions to surgery.

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Correspondence Anil Nanda, Department of Neurosurgery, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, 1501 Kings Highway, Shreveport, LA 71130-3932. email: ananda@lsuhsc.edu.INCLUDE WHEN CITING Published online May 26, 2017; DOI: 10.3171/2016.12.JNS161224.Disclosures The authors report no conflict of interest concerning the materials or methods used in this study or the findings specified in this paper.

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